Your Ultimate Cheat Sheet : Laser Hair Removal Guide for Pittsburgh, PA

Posted by on Oct 20, 2014


Psssst. Do you remember cheat sheets from school? Cheat sheets are just the bare-boned facts that you need to know about a subject. No fluff. No unnecessary BS.

We have taken your most common concerns and distilled them into their basic ingredients in the following laser hair removal guide.

Ten Essential Tips: Your Laser Hair Removal Guide

  1. Never, as in never prepay when getting unwanted hair removed. Prepaying is really stupid!
  2. Don’t sign up for memberships or fall for phony discounts.  (50-70% Off ?) Off of what? A huge unbelievable number is the answer. Pick a huge number and then take 70% off.  Is that a deal?
  3. laser hair removal questions

    I need a guide for laser hair removal

    Pay as you go. You may not need all of the treatments that some places recommend. Chains push expensive packages. Packages are just like a black box. This black box is similar to the lottery, which is a tax on people with bad math. You can’t understand this black box or what’s in it. It is so complicated. You really need a guide to laser hair removal at this point. It’s not clear what you are obligated to pay until you get home and read the fine print. Only then do you discover what you have committed. Later if you have a problem, you find you got the short stick. Then it’s too late. Laser hair removal is worth every penny only if you choose the laser center wisely.

  1. laser hair removal packages contract

    Don’t sign up for laser hair removal packages

    Do not sign up for those dodgy packages. These devious package deals always include alluring “discounts” with all kinds of deceptive fine print. They weave all kinds of special deals into the mix making it impossible to break down the actual cost of a treatment. This laser hair removal contract is very carefully worded and is legally binding. Confusing is an understatement with all of the exclusions and loopholes built-in by cagey lawyers. “Give them ambiguity or give them something else” is the lawyer’s motto.

  2. Do not go to a place that has recently opened. You do not want to be on their learning curve. Don’t push your luck. Persistent advertising on the radio will make their whole operation sound good. With sufficient thrust, pigs fly just fine.

    Pigs fly with enough thrust

    Even pigs can fly with enough thrust

  3. Choose an experienced laser office. Experience counts a lot. “Here’s to you Mrs. Robinson”. How many decades has the laser office that you choose been in operation? If they’ve only been in town a couple of years, your radar should go up.
  4. laser hair removal does not work on grey hairDon’t wait for years to get it done. Laser does not work on grey or white hair.
  5. Have laser done only in a respected doctor’s office, not a spa or a national laser chain that pushes expensive package “deals” that are more profitable for them, not you.
  6. Choose safety first. The safety of a physician’s office is important. Laser is not like getting a haircut. The doctor must be on site when you are getting your laser done.
  7. Research the best price before you sign anything.


We Don’t Have Contracts at Happel Laser

At Happel Laser, if you are not satisfied, you are not locked into paying for more treatments with a lame excuse. We are a physician’s office with a laser hair removal prescriptionproud reputation. We are well established. We have been practicing since 1986 in the same community.

There are no sales people pushing you to buy more than you can afford. No overselling. Just medical advice and service that you can trust.


Here’s the bottom line.

Price is important. It is the first question that people ask when they call to make an appointment for a consultation. We are more affordable. We will give you the results that you want.

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