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Laser Hair Removal for Men’s Backs

Men, don’t be embarrassed by back hair any longer. We have more experience performing laser treatments on men’s backs than any other center in the city of Pittsburgh. Experience correlates closely with great results. You can soon enjoy taking your shirt off at the pool or beach without ever feeling self conscious again!  Laser is quick and very affordable. You work hard and deserve to treat yourself for a change.

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Laser hair removal for unwanted back hair is a marvelous breakthrough. Laser treatments stop the embarrassment or teasing caused by your surplus back or chest hair. Before laser hair removal, for large areas like the back, the only other alternative option was shaving. Itchy stubble is inevitable and makes this choice unsustainable. Now affordable laser treatments can solve this dilemma.

With our Alexandrite laser, countless hair follicles are simultaneously disabled with every zap of laser light. In fact, laser hair removal for men has achieved widespread acceptance and is currently as popular for men as it is for the ladies. Your procedure will be performed in our medical office under the direct supervision of Dr. Happel and not in a medical appearing front that is franchised by businessmen where a doctor has never set foot.  This approach results in safe, fast, and effectual hair removal that enables you to go back to your usual activities without interruption.

By applying laser light, hundreds of hair follicles are simultaneously disabled with each pulse. This is why laser is so important and necessary when treating large areas. Another alternative, electrolysis by contrast, would be prohibitive because of the time required to treat each hair follicle one at a time. Attempting to treat a large area with electrolysis would literally take hundreds of visits.
However, with laser the energy is absorbed by melanin which is the pigment in the hair follicle. Laser light is attracted to dark objects (hair) that have a light background (skin) to get optimal results. For that reason, tanning around the time of your laser treatment is not recommended. Once the laser treats an area with each pulse, the underlying hair follicles are disabled leading to hair loss over the selected body part. Dark hair absorbs more energy and is thus easier to treat. It is for that reason that red, blond, or gray hair is harder to treat.
When your back is smooth again, you will only wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. Many men say it is the best thing that they ever did for themselves. 

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