Laser Hair Removal for Women


Permanent laser hair removal for women in Pittsburgh

Competitor ReviewsThe purpose of laser hair removal is the permanent reduction of unwanted hair. Understanding the difference between permanent removal and reduction is important. The FDA requires that this distinction be made clear. When discussing laser technology, realistic expectations are what we stress. Our initial consultation is free. You have nothing to lose. There is no hard sell. We are a respected doctor’s office with a proud reputation.

horizontal_bar We are medical professionals and not salesmen. Laser hair removal for women is explained in a straightforward manner. There is no confusion. Great results at an affordable price without the hard sell are our goal.

We highly recommend that you have your laser treatments in a doctor’s office. The doctor must really be on site.  Safety is often overlooked. Some people consider that laser hair removal is like having a haircut. Supervision by a doctor who is present in the building at the time of the treatment is extremely important.

Pittsburgh Laser Hair Removal treatment CouponAt Happel Laser, these important prerequisites are fulfilled. As our established reputable medical office, we are proud of our long standing reputation in our community.

We pride ourselves in not being a part of a national chain or a franchised office. Our experience in laser hair removal for women in Pittsburgh is unequaled.

Compare our experience for yourself.  Do not you commit to an expensive long term contract which is required by our competitors. Avoid the temptation of responding to costly advertising. Remember that those advertising costs will be incorporated into the price of your procedures.

At our medical center, there are no binding legal contracts or expensive package deals. Research all of your options.

Investigate the alternatives with the due diligence that this investment requires. Most importantly, do your homework before making a final decision on your hair removal facility.

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