Happel Center, Inc.

(formerly known as John L. Happel, MD, Inc.)

(formerly doing business as Happel Laser and Vein Centre)


All scheduling/appointment inquiries may be directed by phone to (724) 969-0600 or by email correspondence to scheduling.happelcenter@gmail.com

All other inquiries may be directed by phone to (724) 747-2593 or by email correspondence to happelcenter@gmail.com

As of August 24, 2020, John L. Happel, M.D. is no longer supervising or otherwise affiliated with this business.  Effective immediately, the business (John L. Happel, M.D., Inc.) has terminated status as a Professional Corporation under Pennsylvania law with related filings pending with PA Department of State.  Any previously associated “doing business as” designation, including “Happel Laser and Vein Centre”, has been discontinued.

The new business name is “Happel Center, Inc.”.  Any associated fictitious name or “doing business as” designation will be registered with the Pennsylvania Department of State and posted at the current location.

At this time and until further written notice is posted at this exclusive service location, no other supervising physician, medical director or licensed medical professional is currently affiliated with Happel Center, Inc.  Any cosmetic/aesthetic laser hair removal services are exclusively provided by Cynthia Hatfield, an employee of Happel Center, Inc.  Upon request, a Cynthia’s specific experience and qualifications are available.

On behalf of Happel Center, Inc., we appreciate your business loyalty and patronage.  Please accept our gratitude as we work to adjust and adapt the business.  If you have any questions, please ask and we will answer as best we can.

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