To Brazilian Bikini Laser Hair Removal or Not to Brazilian?

To Brazilian Bikini Laser Hair Removal or Not to Brazilian?

Brazilian: Trend or Fad

question mark regarding brazilian laser hair removalTo Brazilian or not to Brazilian.

Shakespeare would have never imagined it in his wildest dreams.

However, Brazilian bikini laser hair removal has become the best answer to your dream of getting rid of unwanted pubic hair.

The Brazilian, as many people know, is the total removal of your pubic hair.

It is the growing trend that celebrities and many sexually active women are practicing.

Why?  …  It’s hip to be bare.       

Is It Right For You?

woman stretching bikini bottomThis movement towards removing all body hair is being called by some the “pornification” of America.

Young men prefer women to be hairless because porn stars are hairless. Pubes are on the endangered list.

Pubic hair is not pretty.

What’s great about pubic hair?

Absolutely nothin’! (Say it again)

Your skin will be soft and silky after a Brazilian bikini laser hair removal. It is more attractive to lovers, mates and partners.

Sexually active women prefer to please their lovers by lasering it off.

Some say it increases their pleasure. For others, it removes the nuisance of having to shave or wax during swimming season when you wear a


Have You Ever Wondered – Why do we have pubic hair?

woman covering herself with her hands in front of white background

Why do we really need pubic hair in today’s modern society?

It’s perplexing.

Some believe that in animals and its original purpose in humans is to trap pheromones to attract sexual partners.

Others think that in prehistoric times that it was a marker of reproductive age indicating when mating could begin.

Hairless bodies are becoming the social norm.

The bottom line is that we don’t really know the purpose of pubic hair.


Pubic hair is not cool.

People have been removing it since early Egyptian times.

Brazilian Bikini Laser Hair Removal or Waxing?

One of the first things women often ask is which hurts more.

This article verifies that laser hair removal does not hurt as much as waxing and is much quicker.

The article goes on to explain that in the long run, laser is less expensive.

Just do the math. One year of laser hair removal equals the cost of just three years of waxing.

Laser hair removal requires only a periodic maintenance after the initial series.

Waxing is never ending.

It’s a no brainer.

What does a Brazilian cost?

Man fingers setting cost button on minimum position. Concept image for illustration of cost management.The cost for a total Brazilian bikini laser hair removal at Happel Laser is $250.

You need to do at least 5 to 6 treatments for laser hair removal in this area to work since the hair is coarse. Hair grows in cycles. Each cycle of new hair growth has to be lasered about 6 weeks apart.

Unlike other laser hair removal offices, we don’t push packages at all. Everyone is different in the number of treatments that it will take to rid you of your unwanted hair. With us, you never have to spend money on unnecessary prepaid visits.

It is in your best interest not to prepay for any services with a package. You save money.

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Learn why laser hair removal is worth every penny here.

As a laser hair removal doctor and authority, I can tell you that more people remove their pubic hair than you would believe. College aged and women in their 30’s and 40’s prefer removing it all. They want the Brazilian style almost exclusively.

In the following study conducted in May and June 2013, from a national sample of over 600 women in the United States, 80% of women 18-34 years old reported removal of genital/pubic hair and 64% in the 35-49 year olds did.

Said no one ever

inspecting results of brazilian laser hair removal with a magnifying glassI love my pubic hair. I wish I had more of it….. Said no one ever.

I love the way my pubic hair shows up around my bikini bottom when I go swimming. … Said no one ever.

I love the ingrown hairs, redness and itching after I shave my pubic hair before I wear my bikini … Said no one ever.

I’m glad I shot myself in the foot buying a laser hair removal package of 9 treatments and didn’t use them all … Said no one ever.

Bad morning to you … Said no one ever.

The weatherman is always right … Said no one ever.


Women should be empowered to do whatever they want to with their body hair.

Brazilian laser hair removal is the trend.

Removing it all with laser hair removal is much better than waxing.

It’s not just a fad.

Men and women both prefer not having to deal with pubic hair that is not attractive and serves no purpose.

For these reasons, Brazilian bikini laser hair removal is more tempting than a Cinnabon.

So what are you waiting for?

I promise you’ll love how it feels and the positive reaction you’ll get from removing all of that unwanted hair.

CBS Best Places For Laser Hair Removal In PittsburghFind out why has us at the top of their list for their best places to have laser hair removal in Pittsburgh.

We have more experience doing laser hair removal than any place in Pittsburgh.

Happel Laser is a respected physician’s office and not a random spa or medi-spa without physician supervision.

You will love it!

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