Eight Surprising Laser Hair Removal Facts

Eight Surprising Laser Hair Removal Facts

Why is Laser removal therapy the best way to get rid of unwanted hair?

Laser Hair Removal Fact #1

It’s easy.

Laser Hair Removal Fact #2

It’s fast.

Laser Hair Removal Fact #3

It’s cost effective.

Laser Hair Removal Fact #4

It helps your self-confidence.

Laser hair Removal Fact #5

It saves time shaving plucking and tweezing. Depilatory creams are messy and can result in skin burns if not done properly. Do-it-yourself hair removal methods are usually unsatisfying. When dealing with your body, it’s smartest to leave medical treatments to medical professionals.

Laser Hair Removal Fact #6

You can have the perfect bikini line for summer. Swimsuit season is around the corner. Do it before you get tan. Tan skin attracts laser light so you cannot be tan when you have laser hair removal. It is discouraging not to enjoy the beach or the pool because of unwanted hair.

Laser Hair Removal Fact #7

It’s romantic to get rid of unwanted hair. Get your love life back on track. Spring is the season of romance. At this time of year, growth is great outdoors but not on your body.

Laser hair removal Fact #8

It’s healthier for your skin. No skin damage by nicks with shaving. No razor burn or folliculitis.

Go blade free. Although there is a cream called Vaniqua that can slow down the regrowth of unwanted hair, it must be used in conjunction with a hair reduction method like laser hair removal. Vaniqa cream is especially helpful when treating women with polycystic ovarian syndrome.

Laser Hair Removal Facts : Conclusion

Our ideal customer is a savvy consumer.

If you are reading these laser hair removal facts, that is a good sign that you are doing research. Find out other’s experiences on the internet.

Talk to friends. Friends don’t let friends go to the expensive laser chains where there is no other option besides buying expensive packages. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot. Laser is a great advance when done properly in a physician’s office.

We are proud that Happel Laser has the distinct honor of being at the “top of the list” of best places for laser hair removal in Pittsburgh at CBSlocal.com.

We are also the only accredited laser and vein center in Pittsburgh. We are confident that once you try laser hair removal for us you will never want to back to shaving or painful waxing ever again.

If you have disposable income and want to experience the ultimate luxury, give laser hair removal a try. People say that laser hair removal with us is the best thing that they have ever done for themselves.

One thing everyone hates is being tricked and being told lies by companies in their advertisements. This is especially true after you have invested a good deal of your time and money.

Our word is our bond. We will carry through on our promises to earn your trust.

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