The Best Place in Pittsburgh to Have Underarm Laser Hair Removal

People want to know where is the best place in Pittsburgh for laser hair removal.

Happel Laser Spa of course!

#1 Happel Laser Spa is Independently Owned and Operated

Happel Laser is not a national laser chain like Ideal Image and Laser Rx which both have satellite offices in Pittsburgh. Laser chains are franchised laser hair removal.

#2 Happel Laser Spa Does Not Push or Even Offer Packages for Underarm Laser Hair Removal

People are often sold packages of nine treatments by the chains and in Pittsburgh.

Since people respond differently to the laser, you may need more or less treatments than another person. Hormones, the location and thickness of the hair in the armpit, and your skin color will affect how you respond to the laser.

Buy only what you need and save money.

At Happel Laser Spa, we are confident that you will come back for the required number of treatments. We don’t have to “lock you in” to laser treatments that you may not need or want.

Laser hair removal chains are going out of business because of the competition.

You never want to buy a risky package deal and then find out that the chain has gone out of business, declared bankruptcy and gone out of business.

Your money will be lost forever. Bankruptcy protects the business from returning prepaid money.

#3 Happel Laser Uses a True Laser For The Underarms and Entire Body Hair Removal

Many offices in Pittsburgh use a technology called IPL for hair removal which stands for intense pulsed light.

IPL is not laser.
IPL is less effective.
IPL has a steeper learning curve.
IPL has a higher risk of complications like burns and permanent skin damage.

If you search the internet for images of “laser hair removal risks and burns, most of the burns that you’ll see will be in the shape of a rectangle. The rectangle is the foot print of IPL. Laser energy comes out in small circles.

#4 What You Really Want to Know: Does It hurt?

The underarms are sensitive areas. The face and bikini lines are also. The legs, back and large areas are usually tolerated very well.

Dynamic cooling with Cryogen has proven the best method of cooling the skin and lessen the discomfort of the laser and protect your skin. For removing unarm hair, most people say that it’s not bad at all.


Where should you have your underarms laser hair removal to permanently reduce and remove your unwanted hair?

Let’s be totally honest.

You want a place that is safe, where the results will be effective, and you want that all at a fair and affordable price.

At Happel Laser Spa, there are no expensive, risky prepaid package “deals”.

Your total cost per treatment will be less. There are no marketing people or salespeople at Happel Laser Spa.

We have been doing laser hair removal longer than all of other offices in Pittsburgh.

Experience correlates directly with great results.

Read our reviews and decide for yourself.

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